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Welcome to TasteStopping, your last stop on the web to see what people are cooking, eating, and sharing.   We love food and have created this site to connect others who feel the way we do.   (Gaga over Gorgonzola!   Bonkers for Bacon!   Crazy for Crudite!)  If you take a look at our “Bells and Whistles” page, you’ll find out about some new and exciting content areas at TasteStopping (the Drive-Thru and Judge, Jury, Execution).  As always, though, our feature posts are rejects from other food photography sites.  We’re happy to publish them and let our visitors decide which are worthy of a click and which aren’t.

Browse through these images, and click through to visit with their creators.   Hey, reach out and leave a comment on their blogs and web pages, even.   After all, aren’t we all in need of a little love now and then?   Chances are, you’ll find a new blogger or new recipe that will make you glad you clicked.  And remember, TasteStopping is the only place to see what the others won’t show you.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for a second home for your food photos, check out our submission guidelines.   It’s easier than you think.   Seriously!   No snootiness here!

P.S. All the images on this site are linked back to their original posts and blogs. You may have to click on the photo twice, once to find the photo’s archived page on TasteStopping, and a second time to connect with the contributor’s blog.

P.P.S Want to know more? Click here, and read the whole story.

Casey Benedict

Casey Benedict

TasteStopping was created by Casey Benedict, who considers herself to be a “food blogger resource.” All of her  food-related projects serve to help food bloggers do what they do best (and even get paid for it!). Eat Write Retreat is a hands-on, intensive weekend of learning through workshops in food styling, photography, food writing and the culinary arts taking place in Washington DC this May. Kitchen PLAY connects food bloggers to the world of food PR through a variety of dynamic culinary events. In addition, Casey has a successful ready-to-bake cookie business, two wonderful daughters, and one very patient husband who usually doubles as household chef. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from The University of Michigan and an MFA in Screenwriting from Emerson College.

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