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Bells and Whistles

Featured Photo

The focus of TasteStopping is to give bloggers a second chance to show the world their food, link back to their posts and drive traffic to their sites.  The Features section of TasteStopping is always a photograph that has been rejected by one of the other food photography sites out there. (When submitting to this content area, please mark the “features” category, along with any others that are applicable. Also include a short description of the post submitted, if desired.)

The Drive-Thru

Even in this era of healthy eating, plentiful exercise, and sleeping eight hours or more each night, all of us crave a little instant gratification now and then.  The Drive-Thru provides just that.  Bloggers submit their newest posts to the Drive-Thru, allowing TasteStopping visitors a chance to peruse the freshest foodie content on the web, with links to the posts indexed in the Drive-Thru  (When submitting to the Drive-Thru, please mark the “Drive-Thru” category, along with any others that are applicable.  Also include a short description of the post submitted, to help drive traffic. If you are submitting a photo/link for a post that you have scheduled in the future, please note your publish date in the messages section, and we will schedule your photo/link to publish in the Drive-Thru on the same date.)

Judge, Jury, Execution

Your photos are accepted, your photos are rejected. Sometimes the whole process can be a little confusing. If you want some feedback from your foodie friends on a specific photo, submit it to “Judge, Jury, Execution” where we will offer each other advice, criticism and support in an effort to help contributors improve their photography efforts.  Your input is valuable, so speak up in the comments section!  Photos submitted to the rejected Features category will occasionally be posted in Judge, Jury, Execution as well.  (When submitting to Judge, Jury, Execution, please mark the “Judge, Jury, Execution” category and leave specific requests for advice in place of a short description.)


The DR is the Declined Rewind, a tasty thematic sampler of previous posts, doled out on the weekends or holidays or special occasions (think Olympics, tailgating, etc.).   This is to give newcomers a chance to catch up and to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Sometimes the DR focuses on “Splitsville,” which highlights photos that have received both a rejection and an acceptance from the other food photography sites.

Name that Frame (Coming Soon)

We’ve had so much fun adding titles to your rejected photos, we wanted to share the love.   Every day we will randomly post a photo with no title, giving you the chance to do so.   Here are the rules:

  1. The first three commenters to leave a title suggestion will be in the running to win “Name that Frame.”
  2. Those three titles will be placed in a poll  and TasteStopping visitors will vote for their favorite.
  3. The winner will be announced later in the day, so check back often.   Check back often anyway because we love having you.  And because everybody else is doing it.
  4. That is all.

Suggestions: keep it fun; play off the rejection commentary (or the tags and categories)  as well as the food pictured in the photo; and OH YEAH…don’t be jerky, jerky.   Look over some of your favorite post titles to get an idea of what has worked (and what hasn’t!).

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