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Submission Guidelines/FAQ

At TasteStopping, we run things a little differently than other food photography sites.   Our moderation process is simple:  if your photo of food or a food-related subject has been rejected, declined or otherwise spurned by one of the myriad “elite” sites out there (ahem…TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, PhotoGrazing…ahem), send it to us.   We’ll publish it!   So, as you can see, there’s really nothing to it.  

Just in case, though, here are our formal guidelines for submitting rejected photos.

  1. Submit your food photo to TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, PhotoGrazing and the like.   These are wonderful, beautifully curated sites; if your photo is accepted, it will dramatically increase traffic to your site.   Isn’t that what this is all about?   Well done!
  2. If the good folks at those sites fail to appreciate the inherent beauty of your submission, submit the photo to TasteStopping. Make sure it is at least 500 by 350 pixels or it may be distorted. 
  3. Include the site and the rejection commentary given.   Let others know and find solace in the fact that your crisp and eye-catching photo of freshly washed berries was turned down by the others because A) not compelling image subject B) unflattering composition C) cut off crop.   (Also note if the photo was accepted at one of the sites, so long as it was rejected by at least one.)
  4. Please include the exact URL for the post that contains the photo.   Your photo will only be published when a specific URL has been provided. Your photo needs to link to the actual post containing your photo.
  5. The photo must belong to you!
  6. Provide only food or food-related content.   Though we will not be curating this collection in a formal sense, we will weed out any photos we deem to be inappropriate, hurtful, etc.
  7. The TOUGH LOVE clause: any submissions that do not meet these submission guidelines will be deleted from the queue. Please make sure you have the three vital pieces of information with each submission: photo, rejection commentary and site, specific URL.  The rest is optional (tags, categories, description)

If you are interested in submitting to other content areas (Drive-Thru–for publishing a photo and link to your most current post–or Judge, Jury, Execution–if you’d like some feedback on your photography) please take a look at the Bells and Whistles page for more information on submitting to those areas.  Please be aware that choosing the correct category when submitting your photos will route your submission to the correct content area;

“Features” category will route your photo to the rejected features home page content area;
“Drive-Thru” category will route your photo to the scrolling index to the right of the rejected features home page content area;
“Judge, Jury, Execution” will route your photo to the content area below the “Drive-Thru” in the right sidebar.

Clicking on any of these content areas will take you to the archives of each area, with previous listings in each. Clicking on photos from the archives will direct you to the contributors’ sites/blogs.



  1. Why should I submit to TasteStopping instead of TasteSpotting, Food Gawker or Photo Grazing?  
    You shouldn’t!   Go to the big guys first.   Then, bring your rejected photos here, rest your wounded ego and enjoy a little group therapy.   Maybe you won’t even need TasteStopping!
  2. Why should I submit to TasteStopping at all?  
    We believe that there is a place for everyone on the Internet.   Just because you are not a professional photographer or food stylist, you should still have a forum to show your work.   TasteStopping is that forum!
  3. How long will it take for my submitted photos to go live?            
    This really depends upon how many submissions we receive. Using our new option of registering with TasteStopping will help us post your photos more quickly.  Usually, though, we like to have them up within a week.  If you submit multiple photos at once, we will spread them out over several days, so that week will stretch out.  
  4. Can I submit more than one photo?
    Of course!   Send in as many photos as you want.   Just make sure to include the site (or sites) that rejected each photo, the rejection commentary for each photo, and the link to the post containing each photo.    As stated above, with multiple submissions, we will spread out the publication of your photos, to ensure more exposure for you.
  5. What’s with the titles of the posts?            
    The titles for each post are intended to be reminders to take life, and art, a little less seriously.   After all, TasteStopping is all about airing our dirty photographic  laundry, so the titles are meant to poke some fun at the whole process.  
  6. Do you accept advertising?
    Make us an offer.  Seriously.

If you have any questions, email us at info (at) tastestopping.com

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