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You can submit photos to TasteStopping in one of two ways.

Editor’s Note: Due to extreme amounts of spam, we have currently disabled the ability to create an account with TasteStopping. Please submit via the contact form below. Thank you!

First, you can choose to become a registered contributor to this site.  It’s simple – just sign up here for an account, verify it and then login on the same page to create your post right here on the admin page of TasteStopping. To do this, you need to:

  1. click the screen icon above the text box (located just to the right of the words “Upload/Insert”), which then requires you to select a photo to download. Make sure that your photo is at least 500 by 350 pixels (smaller photos will be accepted, but may cause distortion on the Features homepage only);
  2. once a photo has been selected and the photo download dialogue box is still open, fill in the field marked “link URL” (with your specific URL link to the post with the photo).  Then click “insert into post;”
  3. Below your photo, where you would begin adding text for a post, include your rejection site(s) and commentary. For example: TasteSpotting: cut off crop; Foodgawker: accepted.
  4. Add relevant tags, and mark the appropriate categories, which will route your photo.  See the Bells and Whistles page for more instruction on category selection;
  5. click “submit for approval” and place it in the queue to be approved and posted.

Once your post is approved, it will be scheduled to publish and you will receive an email notification.

You can also use the form below to submit the information. Make sure to fill in all applicable fields; the more information you provide, the more clicks your photo will attract. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU SUBMIT A PHOTO THROUGH THE CONTACT FORM BELOW, IT WILL BE POSTED BY THE ADMIN ACCOUNT, RATHER THAN BY THE USER ACCOUNT THAT YOU CREATE FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS ABOVE. SUBMISSIONS USING THE CONTACT FORM, THEREFORE, WILL NOT BE ARCHIVED UNDER THAT USER ACCOUNT.

Here’s that crazy TOUGH LOVE clause again: only submissions which contain all three necessary elements (photo, rejection site and commentary and specific URL) along with the appropriate category selected will be published.  Please make sure that your submission have all of these!

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